Friday, April 5, 2013

Global Coffee and Cargo

2917 West Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 252 - 0091

   Global Coffee was an unexpected surprise. I was wandering the streets of Logan Square when I happened to walk by a cute little store front lodged between a community garden and a thrift store. I then noticed and Intelligentsia coffee sign, and while I've only had coffee from Int once, I took this as a good sign. Also, if you know Logan, you know that where Kedzie and Armitage meet, there is very little to see and do so I figured this was a good as it would get. So... enter store.
Bathroom wallpaper!
   This place is adorable. The different tables and chairs along with the eclectic paintings on the wall make it feel incredibly comfortable and the couches and pillows do not go unnoticed. I picked the table by the window-front to enjoy the natural lighting from an almost warm spring day and stared at the solar system hanging from the ceiling. I appreciate personalty and this pace definitely has one. Even their bathroom is an adventure.
   Their menu is what you might expect from a small mom an pop cafe. They offer sandwiches, breakfasty stuff, some appetizers including the standard hummus platter, etc, etc. I ordered a veggie burger and had the option between chips or potatoes. The burger wasn't terribly exciting but I'm really not that picky when it comes to burgers and at only $5.50, I really couldn't complain. Oh and the potatoes where truly tasty and included in that price; amazing. And since I was going to be there a while, I ordered a brown sugar cinnamon soy latte that needs no elaboration.
   A few hours later, I walked out feeling rather satisfied and not thinking much else... and then I did some research and was truly impressed. As if supporting small businesses is not a priority for me, this cafe is actually a part of a non profit which is "dedicated to empowering individuals who in transition from a variety of circumstances, such as homelessness, recovering from addiction, low-income, .. [have] the common desire to work towards self-sufficiency ..." They have various programs, including the above mentioned garden and thrift store. The cafe is actually a part of their job training program.
   Heart melted. The end.

Total cost: $9


  1. It's so great to find a place that serves vegan and has ethics. Isn't it interesting that those two character traits usually go hand and hand?

    1. Im sure that it is to protect the integrity of their employees, but it was really cool to find that out after the fact. It did explain a few things and also made me feel even better about supporting them.